Stoller Family


Clark Stoller

President of Stoller International. Clark serves as the company’s visionary and frequents most of the stores daily. He is married to Cindy (Hodel) and lives in Gridley. He has two children, Katrina (Kyle) Reinhard and Leah (Mclane) Steidinger. He has worked at Stoller's since before he can remember and sold his first piece of equipment while he was still attending high school! Clark took over from his father, Clarence when he passed away in 1976. Clark volunteers in his community as an auctioneer and public servant. He was voted Pontiac Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year 2009. Clark actively participates in his church as a lay minister. Clark and Cindy are both very involved in their church and many other local activities. He keeps busy with his livestock and runs a cattle feeder operation.  Clark is a genealogy and history enthusiast.


Lynn Stoller

Vice President of Stoller International. Lynn works at the Pontiac location and deals with the logistics of the dealership. Lynn is married to Elaine (Nussbaum). They have four daughters, Candice (Michael) Dohman, Holly (Will) Kellenberger, Natalie (Tommy) Hoerr, and Wendy (Josh) Schick. Lynn started working at Stoller's in 1985. Lynn actively serves as Champlain at Dwight and Lincoln Correctional Centers (Volunteer of the Year 2011), serves on numerous boards including district rep for First Farm Credit, Lynn was voted Businessman of the Year by the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce in 2015. Lynn is the President of Associate Merchants Inc and is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church. Lynn actively participates in the NRA and has a passion for hunting and gun collecting. Lynn and Elaine live north of Gridley.

candice and michael

Michael & Candice Dohman

Michael and Candice both work at the dealership. Michael serves as the store manager at our Ottawa dealership. He is in sales and has a background in service and diesel equipment repair. He has been with Stoller’s since 1999. Michael lives north of Gridley with his wife Candice, and their 4 children, Landon, Carson, Audrey, and Case. Candice works part time as Stoller’s HR Manager since 2006. Both Michael and Candice have a passion for the family business and enjoy many activities with their busy family.

Kylekat 12 smaller

Katrina Reinhard

Katrina serves as Stoller’s Marketing Manager and works with online equipment marketing and is active on the Stoller farm. Katrina is married to Kyle Reinhard who works for Slagel Family Farms in Forrest, IL. They live on a farm south of Gridley. Katrina has been with Stoller’s since 2008. Kyle and Katrina enjoy helping on the family farm and are animal enthusiasts. They both have a passion for their church youth groups and entertaining on weekends as well as travel.

holly and will

Will & Holly Kellenberger

Holly and Will live in Washington, IL with their 4 children Trace, Presley, Bentley, and Lennon. Holly is a stay at home mom and Will works on the OSF Open Heart Surgery Team in Peoria, IL. They stay busy with their church groups, adoption advocacy, and their busy little family.


Tommy & Natalie Hoerr

Tommy & Natalie live in Bloomington, IL with their 3 young children. Tommy works as an accountant for the Unit 5 School District and Natalie is a full-time mom Karis, Peter, and Edward. Natalie has a background in social work. They both stay very busy with their church activities and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

leah and mclane

Mclane & Leah Steidinger

Mclane and Leah live north of Gridley on the Stoller home place. Mclane is the Parts Deparmtne Manager at the Minonk location. Mclane also runs the family cattle operation and enjoys keeping cattle on the home farm. He is also active in the farming operation. Leah taught kindergarten for 7 years in Wenona and is a stay at home mom to their children, Jean and Harper, and twins Nora and Grey. They enjoy hosting and church activities. 

josh wendy

Josh & Wendy Schick

Josh & Wendy live south of Roanoke, IL with their three children Dixie, Tucker, and Boston. Josh serves as the farm manager for the Stoller farm in Gridley. Josh grew up farming with his father in the Washington, IL area. Wendy enjoys catering and being a stay at home mom to her 3 children. Both enjoy time with family and friends and church activities.